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幽浮一族-2018 MOCA 國際錄像藝術節」

OVNi at 2018 MOCA International Video Art Festival

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展覽地點 Venue

台北當代藝術館 廣場電視牆 MOCA Video

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免費 Free

策展人 Curator

黑莉.葛奈 Haily Grenet 

參展藝術家 Artists

金雅瑛& 賽巴斯汀.伯特 Ayoung Kim &  Sébastien Bertaud、
克萊蒙.科吉托 Clément Cogitore、
伊娃.梅丹 Eva Médin、
法比安娜.克魯茲 Fabiana Cruz、
弗洛里安.普奈雷 Florian Pugnaire、
史蒂夫.柯恩 Steve Cohen、
尤里.安卡納里 Yuri Ancanari

展覽介紹 About the Exhibition

幽浮一族-2018 MOCA 國際錄像藝術節」

OVNi at 2018 MOCA International Video Art Festival

幽浮一族-2018 MOCA國際錄像藝術節」為台北當代藝術館戶外電視牆2018年「當代影像聚場」的第一檔展覽,由法國策展人黑莉葛奈策畫,精選法國OVNi尼斯錄像藝術節邀展作品中最受歡迎的七件作品。

OVNi at 2018 MOCA International Video Art Festival is MOCA Video’s first program in 2018. Co-organized with OVNi – Objectif Video Nice and curated by Haily Grenet from France, the exhibition featured seven videos that have been widely acclaimed by the OVNi festival’s audience.


「Ovni」, 為法文「不明飛行物體」(objet volant non identifié)的簡寫,即人們所熟知的「幽浮」,泛指閃過天空的一抹奇光或謎樣漂浮體,是科學家也無法解釋的超自然現象。「幽浮一族」匯聚了來自法國、義大利、巴西、南非、韓國共8位藝術家,關注主題皆在於對身體、行為及手勢的研究探索;作品中以跳脫常規的行為表演或角色設定,藉由社群介入、符碼挪移、古今交疊等手法,探索二元對立之間的模糊地帶,從各式奇想中開發出特殊美感,同時也反映了日益多元發展的現代社會,必然經歷的融合或衝突過程。

The French term Ovni , the abbreviation for objet volant non identifié (Unidentified flying object), is generally defined as a perceived object in the sky, not identifiable by standard criteria. Ovni at 2018 MOCA International Video Art Festival gathered 8 artists from France, Italy, Brazil, South-Africa and Korea. Each of the selected artists focuses in their research on bodies, comportments and gestures; the videos are often characterized by the sumptuosity of their sets or their choreographies. It offering a peek into singular stories and artistic realm of Video Art, whether it is by creating performative actions, playing with a dialogue between sound and image or appropriating popular movie-imaginaries. In this program, the video medium allows the converging of various artistic practices, it also provides an artistic responses to our modern society where unceasingly experiencing cultural conflict and fusion.


合作策展單位 Co-orgnizer


Every November, the collaborative project OVNi is structured as a game of invitations, hosting programs and shows from prestigious international institutions, art schools, festivals and galleries. Exhibiting artists’ works from New York to Seoul, to Tasmania... OVNi brings together artists, curators, critics, collectors, gallerists, students in the city of Nice. The presented works are hosted in unique places of the city such as hotel rooms, art-spaces, design and architecture galleries, music and literature’s venues. From neophytes to initiated art lovers, the festival enjoins the public to discover or revisit Nice’s singular cultural scene.

參展藝術家 About the Artists

金雅瑛& 賽巴斯汀.伯特 Ayoung Kim &  Sébastien Bertaud

克萊蒙.科吉托 Clément Cogitore

伊娃.梅丹 Eva Médin

法比安娜.克魯茲 Fabiana Cruz

弗洛里安.普奈雷 Florian Pugnaire

史蒂夫.柯恩 Steve Cohen

尤里.安卡納里 Yuri Ancanari

作品介紹 About the Artworks

金雅瑛& 賽巴斯汀.伯特  Ayoung Kim & Sébastien Bertaud


On June 18, 2016, Ayoung Kim, artist-in-residence at Palais de Tokyo and Sebastien Bertaud, Opera Garnier’s choreographer, presented In this Vessel We Shall Be Kept, performed by Opera Garnier’s dancers, along with lyric singers. Mixing opera singing and contemporary dance, the plot takes place in the bowels of Opera Garnier. Like mermaid, the choir invites the spectators to admire the sculptural bodies and postures of the dancers. The video captivates us by Opera Garnier dancers’ racy elegance and sensuality. 

〈這艘我們應當守護的船〉In This Vessel We Shall Be Kept



克萊蒙.科吉托 Clément Cogitore 


In the video Les Indes Galantes, a disruptive cross between krump dancers’ images (dance of born in Los Angeles ghettos) and the 18th century harmonies by Jean-Philippe Rameau's Indes Galantes. Dancers perform hip hop choreographies on a classical melody offering a visual and sound oxymoron. As a powerful storyteller, Cogitore plays with us and manipulates tragedy, tale, epic, Chanson de Geste, with today’s popular culture. It seems, the Opera is going on the street with Cogitore latent images of fake battles. 

〈優雅的印地安人〉Les Indes Galantes



伊娃.梅丹 Eva Médin


The video is a metaphor of a closed and automated  system, that reminds 2001: A Space Odyssey by Staley Kubrick. Eva Medin develops a fictional universe with an offbeat look on reality. At the crossroads between disciplines, SMARS revisits science fiction register by transforming a crib into a space capsule. With a vocabulary of cliché, vignette and cartoon, the video involves personal and collective memory, to revisits, with irony, famous popular myths. 


9 min


法比安娜.克魯茲 Fabiana Cruz


Fabiana Cruz's work interacts with our sensitivity to music, rhythm and colors. The artist composes the music of her videos to immerse us in a poetic, colorful and playful universe, where music rhythm painting, and vise versa, to tell us a story. Each instrument is coded and revealed by a gesture, a color, and an element of everyday life.

〈想像的樂器〉Imaginary Instruments



弗洛里安.普奈雷 Florian Pugnaire 


The video sums up Florian Pugnaire’s process and is its most syncretic. We see two characters fighting and trapped in a timeless loop. The surrounding scenery becomes animated to evolve towards destruction. Carried away by this constantly changing brutal set, the actors seem absorbed by their own intense violence, almost choreographic and remain indifferent to the nearby destroyed set.


18 min


尤里.安卡納里 Yuri Ancanari 


Amid the din of heavy machinery and the dramatic fracture of a marble mountain, the quarry boss —il capo( the chief)—communicates in silence. Master of his universe, his professional language entirely sign and gesture, he leads a chain of command from man, to machine, to the very earth itself with almost balletic grace and in total control. Ancarani spent months filming at Monte Bettolgi, in the Carrara region of north-west Italy. Extraordinary beauty, phenomenal expertise, courage, theatre: all are conveyed here when the great white slab of marble slowly falls.

〈首領 Il〉 Capo

15 min


史蒂夫.柯恩 Steven Cohen 


The Chandelier Project is a 2002 performance taking place in one of Johannesburg’s slum. The artist emerges as a drag-queen, dressed in a "candlestick-tutu" with spectacular platform shoes, while municipal security agents, "red-ants", are destroying shelters. From this unexpected confrontation arises a patchwork of moments between brutality and sensitivity, grace and pain, poetry and obscenity.

〈水晶燈〉 The Chandelier

16 min 24


    This work contains partial nudity, and would be screening in the MOCA Activity Hall.