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《生活(wohnen)是什麼?》REICHRICHTER 藝術家創作座談

What is wohnen (living)? Artist Talk - REICHRICHTER(已結束)

講座時間 Date

2017/05/20 Sat. 14:00-16:00

講座地點 Place

台北當代藝術館一樓活動大廳 MOCA, Taipei Activity Hall 1F

主講人 Speakers

主持 Moderator:

Chen, Chia-Jen / Director of Open-Contemporary Art Center, Taipei, Taiwan

主講 Speaker:

REICHRICHTER/藝術團隊 Artist Team

簡介 Introduction

講座介紹 Introduction


The term living (›wohnen‹) in German relates to the context of humans and home. It converges the concurrent significances of ‹to live›, ‹to dwell›, ‹to get accustomed› and ‹to inhabit›. REICHRICHTER’s recent body of work is preoccupied by this semantic field with a focus on its spatial manifestations – people’s every day routines, the conditions of spaces for dwelling and working, and the conceptual ties between art and architecture.


德國雙人藝術團隊:Marcus Vila Richter與Rebekka Reich,將談論他們近期的計畫,探討現代居住環境和大眾所需條件形成的衝突。日行性的工作流程如何系統化減少我們每日生活實踐?非空間-空間動線-數位化環境如何改變人類的能力,影響諸如政治參與、創意思考、社會自我效能等軟實力。儘管建築包含現實中的政治、經濟、社會多種實際層面,REICHRICHTER聚焦於這些層面的美學條件。

Highly functionalized spaces are shaping the lives of many. Eenvironments in which we live everyday are increasingly constructed by the promises of high rentability, functionalism and profit. We spend a large part of our life time in office floors, industrial parks, train stations, airports, and shopping centers – the native spaces of the ›non-place‹ in the metropolis.

The German artist duo consisting of Marcus Vila Richter and Rebekka Reich will talk about their recent projects, looking at the entanglements of contemporary spatial living environments with the human condition. What are the effects of systematically reducing everyday practices of living in favor for optimized capitalist work flows? How do ›non-places’ and the ›space of flows‹ of our digitalized environment change peoples ability and access to basic soft powers such as political participation, creative thinking and social self-efficacy?

Even though there are many layers of political, economic and social meaning in the architectonical physical reality, REICHRICHTER is focused on the aesthetic conditions of those layers.


藝術團隊介紹 Short Biography

REICHRICHTER為以科隆為據點的跨國工作藝術團隊,由兩位後觀念德國藝術家Rebekka Reich 和Marcus Vila Richter所組成的團體。他們是布倫瑞克科技大學建築碩士、蘇黎世藝術大學透視畫法碩士與特蒙德應用科學大學電影拍攝碩士。REICHRICHTER對空間具特有的敏感度,其創作技巧來自他們在建築,舞蹈,舞台美術和電影製作的職業生涯中累積。

REICHRICHTER the transnationally working, post conceptual artist persona, based in Cologne (D), consists of Rebekka Reich and Marcus Vila Richter. They received MA Degrees in Architecture at Technical University Braunschweig, Scenography at Zurich University of the Arts and Cinematography at University of Applied Science Dortmund. Merging their skills accrued in their individual careers in architecture, dance, scenography, camera, and filmmaking tightened their sensibility for space and its narratives.


2012年,他們首度發表《蘇黎世》錄像裝置個展,在巴塞隆那的錄像藝術博覽會被評為「最好的LOOP錄像作品」, 此後他們分別在紐約(Gallery NARS Foundation, 2013)、台北(好思藝廊,2015)、哥本哈根(CPH:MARKET, Doc Film Festival, 2015)、深圳(大望文化高地藝術,2015)科隆(Tiefgarage Space for Contemporary Art, Cologne, 2016)台北(十方藝廊,2017)等地展出。

2012 first work «Zurich»  at LOOP Video Art Fair, Barcelona, awarded as best work. Since then group shows in New York (Gallery NARS Foundation 2013), Taipei (Gallery HAUS 2015), Copenhagen (CPH:MARKET, Doc Film Festival 2015); solo shows at Galerie OVO, Taipei 2017, Tiefgarage Space for Contemporary Art, Cologne 2016, Da Wang Cultural Highland Gallery, Shenzhen 2015 and others.



2014/15 they have been invited by art institutions for a 12-month work stay in Taiwan and South China. 2015 DaWang Fellowship Award, Shenzhen; 2016 award by Lewis Baltz Research Fund, Paris and production grant by ifa (Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen) Stuttgart; 2017 fellowship grant by Yonghe Foundation for Arts and Education, Taipei.

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