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特別活動回顧 Sepcial Events Review: 2007


二〇〇七年臺北電影節一臺北主題獎,由臺北市政府主辦、臺北當代藝術館協辦,目的在鼓勵市民以及業餘人士參與影像創作。今年以「臺北人」為主題,徵選競賽短片及平面觀摩類攝影創作。徵選活動起跑前,首先邀請專業人士於當代館舉辦「影像工作坊」,強化市民的美學養成。「臺北主題獎」得獎作品並於當代藝術館展出一個月,此合作經驗既可達到宣傳上的雙贏成績,也希望鼓勵 民眾利用錄像與攝影等普羅的創作媒材,表現個人觀點。

I. Taipei Film Festival 一 Taipei Image Award Exhibition of Submitted Works

2007 Taipei Film Festival -- Taipei Image Award was presented by Taipei City Government, in association with Taipei MOCA. The goal of this event was to encourage citizens and non-professionals to get involved in visual documentation. This year, the call for submissions of short films and panoramic photographic works focused on the theme Taipei Citizen•” In preparation for this event, visual media professionals gave public workshops on image making to strengthen visual aesthetics. The winning work was exhibited for a month at MOCA. This cooperative experience not only promoted the museum, but also encouraged people to use video, photography and other popular media to present their own distinctive points of view


二、第二層皮虜造型大賽+ MOCA藝術市集+ MOCA表演廳

為推廣「第二層皮膚:當代設計新肌體」展覽,本館於初春的週末,同時於館內外舉辦三場活動:「第二層皮膚造型大賽」由15組報名團隊,運用各種材料,以拼貼、組合、彩繪或包裹等方式,為假人模特兒添上新裝,賦予最覬的造型。「MOCA藝術市集」匯集插畫、金工、飾品、拼布、T-恤 等近50組精挑嚴選的創作者於廣場設攤。「MOCA表演廳」邀集獨立音樂創作者於春天開唱,時而天馬行空、時而年經搖滾,獲得廣大迴響。當日活動吸引超過三千人次參與。

II. Second Skin Make Over Competition + MOCA Art Fair + MOCA Performance Hail In promoting Second Skin, MOCA organized three external activities on weekends in early spring. Some 15 teams signed up for the “Second Skin Make-Over Competition" where various materials and media were used in collage, re-combination, painting or wrapping, to "makeover" a mannequin. For the "MOCA Art Fair,” the museum selected 50 vendors of illustrations, jewelry, accessories, patchwork, and t-shirt crafts to set up stalls in the plaza. In “MOCA Performance Hall,” independent musicians were invited to perform spring concerts - sometimes dramatic symphonies, sometimes youthful rock and roll - all of which were warmly welcomed. The performances attracted an audience of more than 3000.




扮裝,是歷史悠久的藝術表現形式,更是人每天操演的千古習題。呼應「流行的意外」展 覽中,藝術家利用服裝作為辯證與抵抗的語言,當代藝術館特別推出「我扮裝所以我存在—白雪大歌廳J,邀請以反串表演聞名的「白雪綜藝•劇團」演出,看扮裝如何可以宣示主體,又如何能掩飾自我,模糊虛實的界線。當晚有近600位民眾前來觀賞。

III. Snow White Singing Hall                                                                         

Costuming is an historical method of artistic expression. It is also a motif played out on a daily basis by all human beings. In response to the exhibition Fashion Accidentally where artists used clothing as a language of resistance and argument, MOCA presented “I Drag, Therefore I Am: Snow White Singing Hall.” The Snow White Entertaining Troupe, renowned for its cross-dressing performances, was invited to illustrate the ambiguous boundaries inherent in costuming, as a vehicle for both expression and concealment. An audience of around 600 attended the performance.




IV. Winter Songs: Plaza Concert + Memory Parade

Continuing the two main themes of music and memory in the Duologue exhibition, MOCA planned two community-based plaza activities. In “Winter Songs: Plaza Concert,” we invited the Soochow University Music Department to present percussion, string quartet, and jazz performances. “Memory Parade” featured the unique professional senior performance troupe Uhan Shii Theatre Group. They combined the oral histories of elderly residents from the Jiantai and Jiangung neighborhoods with installation art, theatre and dance to express the unchanging cultural core that underpins Taipei City. This journey in deconstructing and reweaving memory served to validate the individual life journeys of both performers and audience.