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特別活動回顧 Sepcial Events Review: 2012

01/14【飛向2013 Fly Toward 2013

配合年度主題策劃展【末.未 2013-World is over ?】舉辦的廣場活動,邀請眾多創藝市集販賣具「未來感」的創意手作,現場更舉辦「超能工作坊」,由藝術家小綠毛老師教大家埋下「希望種子」小盆栽,並以手作棉紙製作「星球燈」,讓寒冬裡也有一抹美麗的溫暖。

In conjunction with the exhibition, 2013-World is Over?, Fly Toward 2013 plaza event was held with creative vendors selling “futuristic” hand-made goods.  A Super Power Workshop was also held with artist, Green Mao, guiding everyone in planting their own Seed of Hope and made their own Planetary Lamps to warm up the cold wintery night. 



02/18 & 03/17【澳大利亞魔幻趴  Australian Wonder Party


In conjunction with the exhibition, Wonderland: New Contemporary Art from Australia, diverse cultural and artistic energies from Australia were incorporated into the specially designed events.  Wonder Handmade Workshop guided the participants to use colored sand to recreate Australian native tree bark paintings, and they also made wonderland bracelets with five colored beads.  The second event presented the Mobile Zoo from the Taipei City Zoo to give children the opportunity to get to know adorable koalas and kangaroos.



04/07 & 04/08【南西藝術地球日 Nancy Art Earth Day


April is the time to welcome spring, and MOCA Taipei collaborated with Shin Kong Mitsukoshi’s South West Branch Store in presenting a series of exciting performances.  The event extended from MOCA Plaza to the Zhongshan Linear Park, with the public taking part in a series of exciting events at the cheerful springtime outdoor.  Diverse arrays of ecological goods were available at the creative market, with creative ideas shared with everyone that extended beyond the conventional ideas for ecological conservation.  Artists were invited to show the public how to hand-paint small potted plants and make book covers from recycled materials.  A fashion show was also held with clothes made with natural blue dye, and the day was filled with art and ecology, and gave everyone a refreshing and special Earth Day experience. 



05/12【五月感恩季 繽紛愛出動 Thankful Month of May with Vibrant Love


In May, we eagerly await the passionate arrival of summer.  In conjunction with the 10th Taishin Arts Award Exhibition and mother’s day, a series of events was held and invited the public to express their gratitude to their parents, friends, classmates, or that special someone.  Cake making and handmade charming pin workshops were held, and also an expert of floral arrangements was invited to show everyone how to use different flowers to express their appreciation.  



05/13 【母親節特別活動-最「台」心意大聲講,讓爸媽喜上「雲端」! Mother’s Day Special + Taishin Art = Happy Parents on Cloud Nine!


On mother’s day, MOCA Taipei invited visitors to bring their parents to come see our exhibition and turn their words of appreciation into little puffs of clouds.  By taking a family photo together, they could see the 10th Taishin Arts Award Exhibition for free and experience together some of Taiwan’s most vital and creative artworks.



06/09【初夏畢業季 開心同歡慶 Summer Graduation with Joy and Festivity


June is the season of graduations and also marked the end of the 10th Taishin Arts Award Exhibition.  MOCA Taipei held a series of workshops on its plaza and invited artists to teach everyone how to make memorabilia handkerchiefs and summer silk collage books.  Also energetic dance clubs from schools were invited to showcase their fantastic dance moves with everyone, and their performances made the event even more youthful and vibrant.  



【魔卡電影院-俠客當道 MOCA Cinema- The Rise of the Martial Artists

胡金銓導演影響港台武俠電影至深,不僅聞名亞洲影壇,更在國際影展享有盛名。配合【胡說:八道─胡金銓 武藝新傳】特展,本館與電影資料館精選六部胡金銓的代表作,於七、八月連續六個週末舉辦俠客當道的電影放映活動,不僅讓當代館瀰漫著一股濃濃的懷舊之情,亦讓影迷充分回味當年放映的盛況。

Director Kin Hu’s movies have deeply impacted the martial arts cinema genre in Hong Kong and Taiwan, and they have gained international fame extending beyond Asia.  In conjunction with the exhibition, King Hu: the Renaissance Man, MOCA Taipei collaborated with the Chinese Taipei Film Archive and selected six iconic films by Director Hu for the series of showings held in July and August.  The movies created a great sense of nostalgic air in MOCA Taipei and the viewers also enjoyed once again movies from the old days.

時間 Date

片名 Film Title


大醉俠 Come Drink With Me


俠女 A Touch of Zen


龍門客棧 Dragon Inn


迎春閣之風波 The Fate of Lee Khan


空山靈雨 Raining in the Mountain


忠烈圖 The Valiant Ones




【心動 EMU 聲音藝術表演活動  Crush on EMU Sound Art Performances


In conjunction with the exhibition, Crush on EMU, a series of performances was held with audio-visual installations and projection works created by seven artists.  Their performances gave the audience an exceptional feast for the eyes and ears, and also spurred for the discussions of different creative possibilities and potentials for new media art. 

時間 Date

表演名稱 Performance Title

藝術家 Artist


開幕特別演出 Opening performance

姚仲涵 Chung-han Yao



枼廷晧Ting-hao Yeh



王仲堃 Chung-kun Wang


Moving Resonance

王新仁 Aluan Wang



張永達 Yung-ta Chang


閉幕演出 Closing performance -↻warming up

吳宜曄、鄭先喻 I-yeh Wu, Hsien-yu Cheng




10/20 & 10/21【街大歡囍】特別活動-當代秋樂節Street FunFun StreetMOCA Autumn Fun Festival


MOCA Taipei organized a large-scale community exhibition, titled Street FunFun Street, which was joined with the special Chinese holiday of Mid-Autumn Moon Festival, with the presentation of our 2nd MOCA Autumn Fun Festival.  In addition to the main stage located at the MOCA Plaza, a second stage was also presented at Jiancheng Park, with the presentations of independent bands, graffiti paintings, creative market and workshops, and also showings of micro-films.  The event combined visual and audio elements that were artistic and garnered tremendous positive feedbacks from the public, as MOCA Taipei’s vision to diversify art was realized. 



12/08【彷彿,最後一次 As If It Were The Last Time】


In conjunction with the first exhibition of the year 2013, The Innovationists: The Spectacular Journey of New Media Art, British art collective, Circumstance, created the event, As If It Were The Last Time.  Under MOCA Taipei’s promotion and organization, a flash mob event was held with 1000 people at Ximending.  The event was received with a great turnout, and the participants talked eagerly about their feelings and emotions during interviews, as they expressed how memorable the event was and the unique artistic approach and experience presented.