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【日新國小】平面繪畫 X 動物陶偶

Rixin Elementary SchoolDrawings X Ceramic Animal Figurines




Project Participants: The entire 5th and 6th grades students, total of 294 people

Teaching Artist: I-Wen Liu

Art Teachers: Hui-Ling Wang, Hao Huang, Hui-Chen Chen, Chien-Wen Hsu



The Rixin Elementary School project includes a series of artworks created by 5th and 6th grades students led by ceramic artist, I-wen Liu, and the school’s art teachers, Hui-ling Wang and Hao Huang. The first stage of the course involved the students observing their own facial features and drawing their self-portraits by looking in the mirror. The flat drawings were then transformed into three-dimensional artworks, with clay used to make small flower pots in figurine shapes and pumpkin night lights with lively features.


After the students have acquired a certain level of skills for working with clay, the teachers then proceeded to let them experiment with resin clay to recreate their own hands with embellishments added. Prior to graduation, these students were able to join their hands and hearts creatively through the exhibition’s theme of We Art Together.


The second stage of the course was based on animals. The teachers guided the students in observing the various shapes and features of different animals, and they began with water color paintings and progressed to create three-dimensional animals with clay.  Various animals were created by the students from 13 classes, including lions, monkeys, dolphins, penguins, groundhogs, owls, and tigers.


The exhibition site is designed according to the animals’ habitats, including the wilderness, pasture, ocean, and forest, which are created with decorations made out of straws, mesh nets, popsicle sticks, glass beads, etc…, resulting in a vibrant and lively zoo full of wonderful colors.



【建成國中】紙偶創作 X 戲劇表演

Jian Cheng Junior High SchoolPaper Puppets X Theatrical Performance




Project Participants: The entire 8th grade students, total of 307 people

Teaching Artist: Beck Lim

Art Teachers: Yang-De Chen, Yu-Hsuan Chiang, Chiao-Ming Chang


本學期由當代館邀請劇場表演藝術家林耀華駐校,結合校內美術老師陳仰德、姜育璿,以及表演藝術教師張巧明之教學,除了串聯美術及表演藝術的創作概念,也是貫穿上下學期共八次課程的教學工程。課程一路帶領同學學習紙偶設計、佈景製作、劇情發想、劇本編寫,直到表演彩排與集體呈現,完整體驗了迷你劇場的藝術創 作。

This semester, performance artist, Beck Lim, was invited by MOCA Taipei to engage in the artist-in-school residence program. Together with the school’s art teachers, Yang-De Chen, Yu-Hsuan Chiang, and the performance art teacher, Chiao-Ming Chang, the program integrated concepts of visual and performance arts and included eight sessions of courses spanning across two semesters. Students were taught paper puppet design, set production, plot creation, script writing, rehearsal and performance.  Overall, the students were provided with a complete experience for creating a mini theatrical performance. 


After the completion of the artist-in-school program, the school used the outcome from the program as the highlight event for its 46th anniversary school celebration.  Students proceeded with making posters and campaigned for the audience’s votes to promote their creative work.  The performance was packaged as a class-wide promotional event, which brought each class closer together through team work and also befittingly showcased the exceptional outcome from the museum-school collaborative project.


60 videos were produced to document the performances given by the entire 8th grade student body, and are all uploaded on MOCA Taipei’s Youtube channel.  11 performance videos are selected for the exhibition, which are accompanied by each team’s scripts and paper puppets. The exhibition is a great platform for everyone to experience these young students’ boundless creative energies.




【成淵高中】創意木工 X 逐格動畫

Cheng Yuan Senior High SchoolCreative Woodwork X Stop-motion Animation




Project Participants: The 2nd grade students enrolled in the arts program, total of 35 people

Teaching Artists: Hung-Heng Wang, Bang-Yao Liu

Art Teacher: Yu-Ling Chen



This marks the first time for two artists to engage in the artist-in-school program at the Cheng Yuan Senior High School, and the artists also collaborated with the school’s art teacher, Yu-Ling Chen, in creating the course syllabus. The first stage included introduction of wood’s special features and qualities by woodwork artist, Hung-heng Wang, and the class was then guided in learning about design and cutting, stage production and construction, detailed movements and mechanism designs for wooden puppets, and the final step of coloring the puppets. The majority of the students had never worked with wood before, and the program provided them with a new and unique learning opportunity.


The second stage of the program was led by new media artist, Bang-Yao Liu, whereby the woodwork from the first stage was incorporated. The artist guided the students to animate the wooden puppets they have made, and by photographing each movement frame-by-frame and incorporating the story plots they have created, the approximately a thousand photographs were exported to the computer for post-production. With visual effects, music, words, and transitions added, these stop-motion animations created by the students are both interesting and entertaining.


In addition to showcasing the results from the students’ woodwork class, 11 stop-motion animations played in rotation are also presented in a cinema-style setting at the exhibition. We invite everyone to enter into the creative world of fantastic art created by these students.