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MOCA Studio「表象之城 —賈科莫・札加內利個展」


展覽場地:台北當代藝術館實驗展場MOCA Studio、戶外廣場MOCA PLAZA




台北當代藝術館2017年12月28日至2018年01月28日於實驗展場MOCA Studio及戶外廣場MOCA PLAZA展出「表象之城 —賈科莫・札加內利個展」。近年來,藝術家賈科莫為了創作經常往返於臺灣與歐洲之間,他發現兩地固然有著截然不同的歷史文化與風土民情,但在全球化的脈絡之下,在地的居民仍共享著類似的生命經驗與價值觀。










MOCA Studio「表象之城-賈科莫・札加內利個展」創作座談

時間:2017/12/15 Fri. 15:30-17:30






賈科莫・札加內利(Giacomo Zaganelli)生於1983年,目前生活工作於佛羅倫斯與柏林。賈科莫同時兼具藝術家和策展人的雙重身分,關注面向包括藝術、建築與空間,擅長多元領域跨界創作,特別是回應地景、自然環境,以及當地社群之公共藝術裝置。賈科莫的研究著重於時間與空間的關係,並相信藝術的價值來自於其歷史深度,即對過去、現在及未來概念的具體實踐。


Superficially - Giacomo Zaganelli Solo Exhibition

Duration: Sat. Dec. 16, 2017– Sun. Jan. 28, 2018

Venue: Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei (No. 39, ChangAn West Road, Taipei, Taiwan)

Images Download: https://goo.gl/uDtQsg

Official Website: https://goo.gl/dZNZvi


The Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) is presenting Superficially - Giacomo Zaganelli Solo Exhibition from Sat. Dec. 16, 2017– Sun. Jan. 28, 2018. In recent year, artist Giacomo Zaganelli have gone back and forth between Europe and Taiwan consistently for his creation, then he realized even though two places have different culture, history, and custom, under the impact of globalization, citizens share common life experiences and value. 


Built an Italian Renaissance style Façade in Museum Plaza

The large-scale installation displayed in the plaza of the museum, Façade, refers to the peculiar aspect of the Florentine landscape emerged within recent years. The artist applies tarps printed with the centuries-old façades of Florence historical building to cover the scaffoldings, attempting to make a duplicate of the way that the city covers up the construction site in order to maintain its perfect impression. However tourists still take selfie with these superficial images. Through this work, the artist explores issues such as reality, imagination, origin, copy in the philosophy context, and attempts to encourage the audience to reexamine the superficial impression in our daily life.   


Reveal the Illusion in Life via Real Documentary

In the gallery displayed three pieces of video work: Everywhere but Nowhere filmed in Florence city, a boy sitting beside a historical building and being absorbed in his smartphone; Three-channel video Installation Illusion is a realistic depiction of the daily scene of Florence - being overwhelmed by the tourists; In the work Relocation, the artist temporarily transforms the urbanscape in something unexpected, creating a dialogue between the architectures of Florence and Taipei.This video also features interviews with Taiwanese intellectuals who share their opinions about symptoms of mediatization in Taiwanese society and the phenomena of smartphone addiction across Asia.   

The “Superficially” examined in this exhibition does not point at ancient city’s traditional and romantic impression but exposes how virtual landscapes have successfully dominated modern people’s perceptual life. Working with the exhibition space inside the museum, Giacomo Zaganelli presents in this exhibition a series of videos and installations he has created in Taiwan, with the exhibition further extended outwards to the museum’s outdoor plaza, allowing the audience to experience his impactful art in a more direct manner. 


MOCA Studio Artist's Talk

"Superficially - Giacomo Zaganelli Solo Exhibition" Artist's Talk

Date:2017/12/15 Fri. 15:30-17:30

Venue:MOCA Taipei 1F Activity Hall

Moderator:Yuki Pan/Executive Director of MOCA Taipei

Speaker:Giacomo Zaganelli/Artist


About the Artist

Giacomo Zaganelli was born in 1983. He now lives and works in Florence and Berlin. As an artist and a curator, he operates with multidisciplinary approach at the border between art, architecture and space meant as resultant of landscape, environment and territory. In his practice, he develops projects and interventions based on territories working with site-responsive approach and engaging the local communities. His attentions and research address to the relation between time and space convinced that the added value of art depends on its historical dimension that is the capacity to include in its realization the idea of past, present and future. 

* This exhibition deals with the issues related to gender and body consciousness, viewer discretion is advised. Audience under the age of 12 should be accompanied by a parent or adult guardian. Please pay attention to the terms below before purchasing the ticket or entering the exhibition.